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Weekend Gloating

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 11:30 PM

Who here had a great weekend? I know I did! I picked up some new-to-me clothes at a swap, made apple-jalapeno jam, toured a couple of creameries with my brother and J and went to Sunday night's incredible Red Sox game. And even though I didn't have a long weekend, Monday was a holiday for my company. I was the only person working, which made for one of those quiet, relaxing days when you can get around to things that have been piling up.

pic name pic name

Scarf, Pendleton (thrifted)
Blazer, Banana Republic
Tank top, Old Navy
Jacquard jeans, LOFT
Pumps, Nine West (consignment)



Sounds like you had your hands full! I've never had apple jalapeno jam, but I love both so now I'm intrigued! And, I'm jealous of your grey patent pumps, I've been looking for a good pair for years. :)

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