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Seersucker and Sandals

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 11:30 PM

Today it reached about 80 degrees, but the next two days the high will be in the mid-60s. It's probable that we'll get more warm weather before summer officially ends in a couple of weeks, but just in case, I wanted to be sure to wear my seersucker pants one more time and my new sandals for the first time.

I am so happy with these sandals, which I picked up on Friday. They're leather, super-comfortable with padding in the heel, and between clearance pricing and a rewards certificate, I got them for $23. I recently tossed a pair of very old sandal-like black shoes that were just worn out, and I stopped at DSW looking for a replacement pair that would be professional enough for work while still providing foot ventilation. These should do just fine.

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Striped T-shirt, H&M (thrifted)
Black cameo necklace, thrifted
Seersucker pants, Banana Republic
Metal belt, thrifted
Black sandals, Me Too

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