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No Collective

Friday, July 12, 2013 11:26 PM

I had a day off because I'm working tomorrow. I chose Thursday so I wouldn't have to rush home before the Animal Collective concert. J and I ate a big lunch at Petite Jacqueline, I ran a few errands, and then we stopped by the free wine and cheese tasting at the Portland Public Market. But when we got home and double-checked the time of the show, we discovered that the band had canceled the rest of their dates for July because of illness.

Maybe something was going around, because within a couple of hours J was sniffling, sweating and shivering on our couch. Unfortunately, he had to go in to work tonight because other people had called out sick before he did, but at least he got to sleep most of the day and will have this weekend to rest, too.

pic name pic name

Burgundy T-shirt, Target
Bow necklace, Forever 21
Tomato red skirt, Modcloth
Sandals, American Eagle (thrifted)

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