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Our Furbaby

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 11:24 PM

We're experiencing some real adjustments and a learning curve after acquiring a cat last week. I've made a few trips to a pet store to buy things as we realize we need them, like toys and a placemat for his food and water. We're sweeping and vacuuming the floors much more aggressively to contain tracking of litter. And while Bucky (new nickname) was really good about sleepy time last week, this week he's started taken up incessantly starting at 5 a.m., right when we're trying to squeeze in our couple of hours of sleep. And we're realizing that our first instincts — to make sure he has food in his bowl, or to pet him to try to calm him down — have just rewarded him for waking us. So now we're trying to devise new routines and figure out how to be good cat-parents.

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Striped shirt, Gap (thrifted)
Black necklace, thrifted
Jacquard jeans, LOFT (eBay)
Black patent belt, Thrifted
Black wedges, Bandolino (thrifted)

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