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Thrift Finds for May

Friday, May 31, 2013 1:01 PM

May was a five-paycheck month, meaning I had an additional $25 to spend, but I only made one thrifting trip because I felt broke from other purchases. I spent more than usual on alcohol (needed tequila and gin for summer drinks) and cosmetics (mascara, two nail polishes and eyeshadow for my brows). But that also didn't stop me from shelling out today for a pair of jeans on eBay that I'd missed at LOFT a couple of months ago.

Lanvin silk scarf, Goodwill Falmouth, $5
Pendleton silk scarf, Goodwill Falmouth, $4

Falmouth's Goodwill store had an unusual number of silk scarves when I stopped in there a couple of weeks ago. It even seemed that they all could have been donated by the same person, given that they shared some classic prints like plaids, geometrics and riding or nautical themes, plus lots of reds and blues. I came away with these two.

It's always interesting to see when a thrift store knows they have something valuable and when they don't seem to realize it. On this same thrifting trip, I came across a pair of Lucky Brand jeans priced at $20, but the Lanvin scarf was priced the same as any other silk scarf (for a little perspective, the cheapest scarves start at $2, and I bought my Liberty of London scarf at the same store last year for $8).

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