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Thrift Finds for April

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 11:00 AM

I didn't buy too much in April until right at the end of the month, when I had a great haul from the Goodwill in Falmouth, including some home items in addition to the clothes here. I didn't have time to wear anything from that last excursion, especially because they don't fit into the Pantone challenge I'm doing this week. Plus, they cry out to be worn together (except maybe the brooch), and the resulting outfit would be much more appropriate for fall or winter.

Teal scarf, Goodwill Augusta, $2
 This is the fifth piece of teal clothing I've bought in about six months.

LOFT lace T-shirt, $5, and Jockey tank top, $2, Goodwill Augusta
This is my second black lace shirt (here's the other), but I thought it was sufficiently different from the first to be worth buying. Obviously, it's short-sleeved. And whereas the other shirt is tight, this one has a relaxed, more modern fit. I also already owned a black tank top, but I find that I wear it a lot. Not only is it often dirty, but it's wearing down pretty quickly. So I picked up another black tank top as well.

American Eagle purple bow flats, $3, Goodwill Topsham
I can always use more cute flats. I refreshed the fabric on these with my suede brush.

Ralph Lauren Buffalo plaid skirt, Goodwill Falmouth, $8
I've always liked plaid, and it seems even more appropriate for my wardrobe now that I live in a rural New England state (though I myself am a city slicker).

J. Crew ivory cableknit sweater, Goodwill Falmouth, $8
This also isn't the chunky, relaxed ivory sweater I'm seeking. It may not exist. But this one will be nice for days when I want ivory and cableknit but not the 80s feel of that other sweater.

Silk scarf, Goodwill Falmouth, $6
I didn't have a scarf with a more traditional scarf print like this one.

Brooch, Goodwill Falmouth, $1
 This is pretty and neutral. For $1, how could I not buy it?


14 Shades of Grey

Gosh, this makes me miss thrifting so much (there's no thrift store where I live.) That brooch is especially lovely!

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