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In and Out

Monday, May 13, 2013 11:18 PM

Into my wardrobe: this black cardigan, a replacement for this one, which was ruined in a trip through the washing machine. I bought the previous one on eBay and have seen the same cardigan on there since, so I set up a saved search and ended up with this one, which is not the same one but is still 100 percent silk, so like the old one it doesn't wrinkle much and is warm but not too warm. But the sleeves are a little long and there's too much fabric under the arms, so I'm still looking for an exact replica of my old cardigan and will resell this one when it appears.

Out of my wardrobe: this dress, which has actually served me quite well for a clearance purchase from Old Navy more than two years ago. But the bodice is getting droopy, and the fabric is pilling. I tried to shave off some of the pills this morning, but my sweater shaver caught on a little bump and tore a tiny hole in the neckline of the dress. Fortunately, the cardigan that I had already planned as part of this outfit covered up for multiple problems.

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Cardigan, Banana Republic (eBay)
Turquoise dress, Old Navy
Polka dot tights, Gap (gift)
Black booties, Target

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