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Thursday, April 4, 2013 11:30 PM

J had a bit of a car accident today, the fourth one between the two of us in exactly a month.

1. I skidded off a snowy highway on the way home from work and ended up in a shallow ditch.
2. Someone forced J into a guardrail on the highway and never stopped. His car is at the shop.
3. When we were visiting the Everglades, a strong gust of wind blew a door of the car parked next to us into the side of our rental car, leaving a golf ball-sized dent.
 4. Today, J was leaving a parking garage when a softball plummeted out of the air and smashed the windshield of his insurance-provided rental car. Two girls were playing catch on the sixth floor of the garage.

We've been fortunate enough not to be injured in any of these incidents, so it's sort of comical what shit luck we've had.

pic name pic name

Pinstriped shirt, Target
Houndstooth dress, Target (thrifted)
Polka dot tights, Gap
Boots, Franco Sarto Yoni (gift)

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