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Weekly Rules

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 11:30 PM

This is going to come out obsessive and dorky. To help me come up with outfit ideas and ensure that I keep up a good rotation of clothes rather than wearing the same things all the time, I've come up with a few rules:

- pants once a week
- colored bottoms once a week
- colored tights once a week
- a scarf once a week
- no repeating shoes in a week

I wore pants (black jeans) on Sunday and colored bottoms (yellow pencil skirt) yesterday. So today I decided to go with the colored tights and realized I hadn't worn these purple ones in awhile. They're brights, so I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit pretty neutral. The belt was a natural choice. Then I felt I needed some sort of necklace, but I grabbed this scarf instead, disregarding the wrinkles. So now I've taken care of the first four rules, and I have no idea what to wear the next two days.

pic name pic name

Black v-neck sweater, Target
Scarf, Oscar de la Renta (thrifted)
Gray pencil skirt, Target
Purple snakeskin belt, thrifted
Purple tights, We Love Colors
Boots, Franco Sarto Yoni (gift)



What a great idea! Definitely NOT dorky. Each time I clean out my closet, I come across so many pieces that I love but don't wear often enough - this is a great idea to ensure that I do. Thanks! Love your blog!
Greetings from all the way across the pond (Lincoln, UK)

Susan @ Thoroughly ME

Hi, GG! Random fact: I recently found out that Lincoln County in Maine is named not for Abraham Lincoln but for your city. Thanks for reading!

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