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Second Take from the Second Line

Monday, March 11, 2013 11:30 PM

I'd had a different outfit in mind for this week involving my chambray shirt and this red skirt, but I was inspired by a man I saw at a second line parade in New Orleans yesterday. The second line was a mass of humanity, full of all types — hipsters, aging hippies, ladies in their church clothes, parents pushing strollers and at least one man wearing a dashiki — but one guy stood out to me because he looked extra-sharp. His name is Shawn (not sure about the spelling?), and when I asked to take his picture he told me he was a stylist. That was no surprise! My version is kind of a pale imitation, especially when it comes to the shoes. His were studded with rhinestones, whereas mine are just kind of sparkly.

pic name pic name

Gray blazer, Banana Republic
Chambray shirt, American Eagle
Tomato red skirt, Modcloth
Black tights, We Love Colors
Flats, Nine West (thrifted)

J and I had a great time in New Orleans. We went to see some friends who are living there for a year, and it turned into a mini-college reunion like the one we had at Lake Tahoe last summer with many of the same people. We toured a French Quarter mansion, saw some live music on Frenchmen Street, visited the St. Louis Cemetery and of course ate plenty of Creole food. It was all delicious, but it's also nice to be back home eating vegetables that aren't fried or swimming in butter.

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