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10 Ways to Wear Navy Tights

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 8:00 AM

Do tights count as accessories? They are a garment, I guess, but you wouldn't be breaking any public indecency laws by going out without them, and some of these outfits would be complete without tights (though I'd've been pretty cold). I choose these for the accessories day of Franziska and Whitney's linkup because I thought it'd be more interesting than a roundup of ways I've worn a necklace or something. I'm not sure why, but it just seemed that way to me.

So, more than with other items I've recapped in my 10 Ways posts, there are several garments I've worn multiple times with these navy tights: the striped cardigan, the pink shirtdress, the turquoise dress (appearing both times as a skirt), the blue blouse and the teal pencil skirt. Navy goes with pretty much anything, but I can see some trends in the ways I've worn these tights. In some outfits, I'm echoing navy worn on my top half, such as the cardigan, a scarf or the striped navy top. The navy tights also are great in outfits that are mixes of different shades of blue or other cool colors. And navy is a nice counterpoint to red and pink, two colors that appear in abundance in my closet.

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So, you go and double the number of ways for our linkup?
That's some serious overachieverness...and I'm impressed! haha! I don't wear tights that often (because I'm lazy and have issues with extra layers on my legs), but I really see the value in some nice navy tights! They look great in every outfit!

Susan @ Thoroughly ME

Hey, Whitney! I'm not trying to be an overachiever, honest, it's just that 10 Ways is already an established feature for me, and I figured it was close enough to your challenge.

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