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10 Ways to Wear a Camel Sweater

Monday, March 25, 2013 12:30 PM

I'm going to dump a lot of these 10 Ways posts on you this week because a) I have a backlog of them, b) I'm traveling and c) it's a way to take part in Franziska and Whitney's linkup. They're asking people to put together five ways of wearing something, but I'm doubling it up because, well, the feature is called "10 Ways."

I received this cashmere-blend sweater from J's grandmother, and it hit the elusive sweet spot for clothing gifts: It suited me, yet I wouldn't have chosen it for myself. I don't typically wear warm colors near my face, but this shade of camel actually works. Camel wasn't as big a trend in fall 2012 as in the previous couple of years, but even if it doesn't come back, it's a color I expect to be endlessly useful.

I've packed the sweater for a couple of trips because it's warm without being too bulky, and the fabric releases wrinkles easily. It also drapes nicely, which provides a fit that's relaxed without being figure-obscuring. The one problem with the shape is a neckline that's too narrow for a lot of necklaces. I've worn the sweater with pink, teal and a variety of other neutrals. One thing I can't believe I haven't tried, both because I think it would look great and because I have so much of it in my closet, is red! We have plenty of cool weather ahead of us in Maine, so I'm sure I'll get a chance to wear this camel sweater with one of my red skirts before summer arrives.

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dang, an overachiever! I'm so happy to see all of the ways you've worn this sweater - I've been on the look out for a very similar one but haven't had any luck yet! Once I find it though, I'll know where to come to for inspiration :)

Style Journey

You rocked this sweater girl! I really like it paired with your fancy skirt. It's so pretty. Heather


I love that we both chose to style a solid color sweater! This one is fabulous (and kudos to your over-achieverness here).
Thanks for joining our link-up!

Nicole Rowan

I actually have a v-neck camel sweater that I've been considering donating, just bored with it but you've inspired me anew! (popping over from 5D5W links!)

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