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Thrift Finds for January

Friday, February 1, 2013 6:47 PM

This turned out to be a month for dresses and belts, especially before I picked up a shirt and a cardigan on my last thrifting trip just a couple of days ago.

Banana Republic shift dress, Goodwill Falmouth, $5
As I mentioned before, I'm excited to wear this dress in all kinds of different ways. It was a little worn in the butt when I brought it home, but a few minutes with a sweater shaver removed the pilling and made the dress look nearly new.

Target surplice dress, Goodwill Falmouth, $6
This dress already looked completely new when I bought it, which I would suppose is why Goodwill priced it higher than the one from Banana Republic. 

Red snakeskin belt, Goodwill Falmouth, $2
I've wanted a red belt for awhile. This one isn't perfect — it won't fit around my hips for pants — but I'm sure I'll still get good use out of it.

Khombi snow gloves, Goodwill Augusta, $2
I just got my first pair of snow gloves for Chanukah, so I don't technically need these, but I also have a tendency to lose gloves. These probably cost at least $40 new, so they're a good deal as a backup pair.

Beaded bow belt, Goodwill Augusta, $3
 This belt fastens with velcro and is a bit too big, but that will be easy to solve with more velcro.

Soprano silver dress with knife-pleat skirt, Goodwill Augusta, $5
I won't be able to wear this one to work, unless it's as a skirt with a sweater layered over the top. But it'll be such a fun dress to wear out, I couldn't resist bringing it home.

LOFT print cardigan, Goodwill Topsham, $2
My first patterned cardigan! It's a little big in the waist and hips but looks just fine belted or tucked in. And I can always use more black-and-white prints.

Old Navy seafoam shirt, Goodwill Topsham, $2
This color didn't photograph quite right, and I haven't had the time to wash and iron this shirt, so it looks a bit of a mess. I've been adding more teals and greens to my wardrobe, and this shirt will go perfectly with my favorite skirt.

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