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Thrift Finds for February

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 11:11 PM

You're unlikely to see either of this month's purchases on the blog; one because it's an undergarment, and the other because I don't include bags in my outfit posts.

Black full slip, Goodwill Augusta, $5
This meets two needs I had. The silver dress I bought last month requires a camisole or some other undergarment because the neckline is cut so low my bra shows. And I've needed a shorter black slip because the one I have is too long for many of my skirts and dresses; I've had to wear my white one even with dark clothes. It seems like most slips sold in stores these days are shapewear, so I was glad to find this older one at Goodwill.

Black The Limited purse, Goodwill Augusta, $2
The Goodwill stores in Maine never seem to have good purses. This one's not leather or anything, only fabric, but the detachable strap is made with a nice, heavy chain, and I've already carried it as both a crossbody bag and a clutch. And not only did I get it for half-off, but it still had a price tag attached that said $40.

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