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Scenes from Nemo

Saturday, February 9, 2013 7:29 PM

Nemo dumped 32 inches of snow on Portland, breaking the previous record of 27 inches from January 1979. I may never experience a bigger snowstorm in my life, so I didn't want to let it pass by without getting outside and into it (also, I had library books to return). I waited until early afternoon, when most of the storm had passed and it was a little safer to venture outside, though the snow was still falling and the wind was still blowing. I was nearly knocked over by the wind at one point, and I was grateful for my ski goggles.

I love snow more than any Floridian rightfully should. Even the busiest cities go quiet when it snows, and the snow changes the way landscapes look and the way we interact with them. Navigating familiar Portland streets was difficult at times because while some sidewalks had been plowed,  others — including the one right outside our door — were still covered with drifts 3, 4 and 5 feet high. And when it first falls, snow is so clean and pure and beautiful!

Congress Street, sort of Portland's Main Street
There was only a pile of snow waiting for the bus, which wasn't running anyway.
A snowbank sculpted by the wind
Part of that sculpted snowbank. The end of this broke off a few minutes later.
I walked through 2 feet of snow to drop off my books.
Lobsterman's Park
Ways of getting around town included snowshoeing ...
.... snowmobiling ...
... and skiing.
Lobster traps weighted down with snow
Snow piled up in the middle of Commercial Street
It stopped snowing by the time I returned home, after an hour of wandering.
Should have worn snow pants instead of jeans.



Oh my God that's incredible! I'm so jealous, although it must be a pain after a while trying to do stuff in so much snow...

Susan @ Thoroughly ME

Snow does make everything a little more difficult, but I'll be sad when it rains tomorrow and melts the snow.

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