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Friday, February 8, 2013 9:49 PM

I thought I'd go to the office today, but when I got up we'd already had a few inches of snow in Portland, and it was still coming down hard. If my commute is going to be difficult both ways (and there was a four-hour, 19-car pileup on one of Maine's major highways this morning), I feel justified in asking to work from home, so I did. Once I was finished for the day I took a walk, partly to go buy wine and partly to experience the snowstorm, but I had to cut it short when the wind started picking up even beyond what it had been during the day. And it was windy indeed — the snowdrifts were so deep in some places that I sank past the tops of my boots! Winter storm Nemo continues to rage outside now.

Striped turtleneck, Target
Houndstooth skirt, consignment (no tag)
Fleece-lined tights, T.J. Maxx
Snow boots, Bare Traps



The contrasting patterns in this outfit look so good together!

That sounds like a bit of a scary storm... Keep safe!

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