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Skiing School

Sunday, February 10, 2013 9:40 PM

Growing up in Florida, I had very little exposure to winter sports. Hell, I went sledding for the first time just a month ago. Now I want to try more of the activities that make winter not just tolerable, but enjoyable. I hope J and I will spend the rest of our lives in New England, so we'll have a lot of cold, snowy weather ahead of us.

I've been downhill skiing a number of times (though not in several years), but never cross-country until today. We signed up for a class at L.L. Bean's Outdoor Discovery School, which is really a great deal. It was $20 a person for equipment rental, a lesson and about 1.5 hours of skiing time. Of course they want to get you hooked so you'll buy gear from them, but there's no hard sell.

The aftermath of the blizzard provided perfect conditions — loads of fresh powder on the ground, 35 degrees out and sunny.

The instructors helped us get our skis on right.
J fell several times, the first while trying to take this photo ...
... which left his pants looking like this.
After some time skiing around a field ...
... we headed into the woods ...

... and even a bit off the groomed trail.

We got a real workout and had a great time. I could see us taking this up, but before we buy any gear I'd like to try snowshoeing, too.

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