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Thrift Finds for December

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 9:01 PM

While shopping for Christmas and Chanukah, I took a little break to buy some things for myself at the Goodwill by the Maine Mall. According to my series of thrifting posts, I spent about $275 on clothing at thrift and consignment stores this year. January was by far the biggest month, with purchases that totaled $73. As far as I can tell from my bank records, I spent $761.85 on clothing overall. That's a considerable amount, but it's probably on the low end for style bloggers, and I think I got really good value for the money, due largely to thrift-first shopping.

Chain and turquoise ring, $5 each, Goodwill Maine Mall
I wanted some shorter necklace chains, and this one has a nice twisted pattern. I wore it here but haven't seen it since. I'm sure it's somewhere in our apartment, though, because I don't think I would have taken it off elsewhere.

I didn't have any rings other than my wedding band. I haven't yet worn this turquoise specimen because I've been wearing gloves every day. Do other people buy gloves that can fit over bulky rings, or do they take the rings off and then put them back on during the course of the day?

Dickies denim leggings, $5, Goodwill Maine Mall
These leggings are substantial, with real back pockets, and surprisingly warm. They'll be great with either boots or flats.

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