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Thrift Finds for October

Thursday, November 1, 2012 11:42 PM

I made one thrifting trip in October, to the new (enormous) Augusta Goodwill just before our Appalachians trip. Here's what I picked up for less than $3:

The necklace started out at $4.99 and the book — which was in brand-new condition — at 99 cents. But both had green tags, which was the sale color of the week, so that was good for 50 percent off. And I have the Goodwill discount card, which offers another 10 percent off.

The necklace in action

The book in action
This second consecutive month of limited thrifting had a few contributing factors. My desire to hit the thrift and consignment shops is reduced because I feel that I have plenty of outfit options right now. I'm bringing out my cold-weather clothes again, and my three new brightly colored skirts are making me look at all my tops in a new light.

Also, my personal bank account is recovering from my Lake Tahoe trip and that recent spate of online purchases, including the colored skirts and two pairs of boots that were supposed to be delivered today but were delayed by Sandy. Then there was J's birthday gift in August and anniversary gift in October, and soon there will be Chanukah gifts to buy. Fall and winter are expensive!

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