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Sleeping In

Friday, November 9, 2012 11:56 AM

This outfit is from yesterday. I completely forgot about blogging last night, which could have been a sign of lingering fatigue from Election Day. I'm all better now, after sleeping until 10 this morning. I get the day off in exchange for having worked on Sunday. Now it's time to go to the dentist, get a flu shot and take some clothes in for consignment.

pic name pic name

Gray T-shirt, Gap
Pink pashmina, thrifted
Polka dot skirt, Ann Taylor (eBay)
Sweater tights, Target
Black booties, Target



Hi Susan, I came across your blog yesterday and went through all your previous posts! Your project is so inspiring and I was amazed how well you put together items you shopped at thrift stores. Especially, I am petite like you so I know how challenging it is to find clothes that fit well. I've been on a shopping ban for last 5 months and plan to continue for next 5 more months. Still I am excited to learn about how to play with what I've got from you. Thanks!


Susan @ Thoroughly ME

Hyun, I'm replying late, but I wanted to thank you for leaving such a kind comment. I'm glad you could find inspiration here. Good luck with the rest of your shopping ban, and thanks for reading!

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