How to Tie a Sash into a Bow

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 10:57 PM

When I bought my tomato red skirt last year, I initially tried tying its sash the same way I've always tied shoelaces, and it came out something like this:

I used this tutorial to learn how to tie a bow with the sash, but it took some mental re-orienting because I was looking at the bow from above instead of straight on. So I put together a little tutorial to provide a more useful perspective for sashes, ribbons and scarves in your own outfits.

I start with one end hanging a little longer than the other one. Otherwise, the ends won't be even. It doesn't matter which side is A and which is B.

1. Cross A over B.
2. Pass A under and then back over B.
3. Form a loop with B.
4. Cross A over the B loop, leaving a small hole at the base. This is the most crucial step because if A goes under B, you'll end up with a crooked bow like the one at the top of the post.
5. Pull A partway through the hole so that A forms a loop.
6. Tighten and adjust your bow.

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