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Thrift Finds for August

Monday, September 3, 2012 10:13 PM

I spent quite a bit on makeup sales at CVS in August, bringing home a handful of lip products and a couple of tubes of mascara. After buying that makeup and a birthday gift for J, I didn't have much room left in my discretionary budget for clothing. But I did pick up a few things, including one of my best thrift finds yet.

Saks Fifth Avenue pink silk blouse, Goodwill Augusta, $5
My wardrobe was lacking a dressy top — something I can wear with black pants, a sparkly or shiny skirt or even just a pair of dark jeans. It will be appropriate for parties or nights out, and I wore this on Saturday night for J's super-fancy birthday dinner at Hugo's.

Cole Haan tassel loafers, Goodwill Augusta, $4
Comfy and well-made, these would have been a good buy at their full price, but for half off I really couldn't leave them behind.

Target glen plaid pants, Goodwill Maine Mall, $5
I'm shifting away from brown in my wardrobe, and I don't wear a lot of green, but I think this brown-and-green plaid will be versatile, nonetheless.

Black J. Crew Minnie pants, Goodwill Maine Mall, $8
For more than a year, I've been hankering after slim, cropped, black pants for work, but I just couldn't find the right pair. On the day I bought these, I tried on some contenders at the mall before stopping at Goodwill. And once there, I almost skipped the pants section because I've had so little luck there in the past. Thank goodness I didn't, though, because I picked up both the Target pants above and these, which fulfilled every criterion I had (well, except that they lack pockets), and were new with the J. Crew tag still attached. How's that for thrift serendipity?

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