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Vanity for Your Feet

Friday, August 24, 2012 11:44 PM

Is vanity sizing for shoes a thing? I've never heard of it, but these vintage Cole Haan loafers are a full size larger than my usual. I almost didn't try them on, but I'm so glad I gave them a chance. The leather is well worn and so soft and comfy, and yet still looks almost new. And although they're a leeettle long for my feet, the AA width keeps them on securely.

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Magenta T-shirt, Target (thrifted)
Knotted necklace, Forever 21
Navy pencil skirt, thrifted vintage
Tassel loafers, Cole Haan (thrifted)



Hi -- I just discovered your blog and really enjoy it. I am mostly a sale shopper but I have rediscovered thrifting this summer. Your blog gives some good ideas and inspiration!

Lisa - respect the shoes

Oh I hope they don't start vanity sizing shoes - it's hard enough to figure out what dress size I am dependent on retailer, at least for me, shoes so far have been mostly consistent!

I adore those loafers, I am looking for a sim pair for fall.


I'm so sick of vanity sizing. Wouldn't it be so nice to just be one size?

but those shoes are so cute, and I'm glad they worked out!
Chic on the Cheap


Lisa - Yes, contemporary shoes (i.e., not vintage) seem to be pretty consistent, thankfully. Of course, converting to European sizes has still been a complete crapshoot in my experience.

Lyddie - And it's even worse with thrifting! I have thrifted clothes ranging from a 0 to an 8 depending on the brand and how old they are. I know you do some thrifting, so I'm guessing you've run into that, too.

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