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Thrift Finds for July

Thursday, August 2, 2012 11:30 AM

A confession: I'm not sure if this is actually everything I thrifted in July. I tossed my receipts, and when I was thinking about this post, I completely forgot about the plaid tunic — until I looked into my closet on Wednesday morning. Blame it on travel and being otherwise occupied.

Purple Banana Republic T-shirt, Goodwill Falmouth, $8
I've been looking for more work-appropriate summer tops, especially in vivid colors, and this fit the bill, even with the relatively high price.

Feather brooch, $1, and black cameo, $2, Goodwill Falmouth
I haven't worn the brooch yet, but this necklace is quickly becoming a favorite, even though it's cheap plastic.

Plaid tunic, Myth NYC, $5, Goodwill Augusta
This is a teen mall brand I've never heard of, but I don't object to picking those up at thrift stores every once in awhile.

Sunburst brooch, $4, Goodwill Augusta
Just as I walked out of the store, I dropped this, breaking off the center part of the brooch, which was a smaller sunburst. I thought I placed the smaller bit back in the bag, but I couldn't find it when I got home. I thought the damage was sufficiently subtle for a first wearing. Maybe I'll glue on the head from one of the pearl-headed floral pins I have left over from my wedding.

Fuschia and black dress, no tag, $5, Goodwill Augusta
This is a great day dress for summer and fall weekends. I wore it for the first time on our cruise of Lake Tahoe this past weekend. The dress is a bit short, so I'll wait until the weather cools before donning some tights and wearing it to work.

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