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Not Indigo

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 10:40 PM

Once again, my camera fails to pick up the warm, rich, royal shade of purple that's the main color in the plaid of this tunic.

Sorry for the radio silence. I got back Monday morning from a weekend at Lake Tahoe. We stayed in a beautiful house near the top of a mountain and enjoyed gorgeous weather. We hiked, hung out on the deck, took a cruise on the lake and watched some Olympics. All in all, I had an incredible time with 13 of my favorite people on Earth.

And then I caught a wicked cold on my redeye flight home. Because what could be better for your health than not sleeping enough and then spending hours inside a metal tube with hundreds of strangers? But a sick day full of naps yesterday fixed me right up.

pic name pic name

Plaid tunic, Myth NYC (thrifted)
Black necklace, thrifted
Pinstriped pants, LOFT
Black patent belt, Target
Pumps, Calvin Klein Dolly (eBay)

OK, a couple of photos from the trip:

A view of Emerald Bay during our cruise
Taking a break for lunch and a swim in Granite Lake during our second hike

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