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Messy Eater

Thursday, August 16, 2012 10:56 PM

I'd never win any awards for table manners. It's elbows on the table, licking knives, snapping up the last of something before anyone else can — basically anything uncouth and uncivilized. I like to think that I'm just eating with gusto. But sometimes that means I make a bit of a mess, and lately it seems like I can't make it through the workday without wearing some of my lunch. It probably doesn't help that I always eat at my desk rather than a proper table.

Today I had a bit of a mishap while trying to soak up the last juices of my ratatouille with a piece of bread and dribbled a few drops on my skirt. Tonight I applied cornstarch and a spray stain remover to the grease spots, and now I just have to hope they come out in the wash.

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Pink spotted blazer, Gap (thrifted)
Navy trapeze dress, J. Crew (thrifted)
Snakeskin belt, thrifted
Metallic flats, Bare Traps

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