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Monday, August 20, 2012 11:30 PM

Today's outfit was inspired in part by the colors of the bruises that I bear on the lower half of my body after spending yesterday rafting the Penobscot River.

One bruise, more than two inches wide, is from the knotted rope that was right next to my seat on the raft; every time we went over a rapid, I would lean toward the middle of the boat and end up on top of the knot. The others mostly resulted from the time our raft flipped going over a 13-foot waterfall. As I swam back to the raft, I went over several rocks that left cuts and bruises on both knees, my left buttcheek and my lower back on my right side.

Despite the bruises, muscle soreness and a pair of destroyed sneakers, I had a great time!

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Purple blouse, Van Heusen (thrifted)
Scarf, Oscar de la Renta (thrifted)
Purple snakeskin belt, thrifted
Black pants, Banana Republic (eBay)
Red pumps, Franco Sarto Uri (gift)

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