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Thrift Finds for June

Wednesday, July 4, 2012 10:00 AM

All of my thrifting for June took place in the last third of the month, so I haven't had a chance to wear everything I bought, especially because some of it isn't ideal for the warm weather we've been having.

Patterned teal silk kameez, no tag, Goodwill Augusta, $5
As I said, I love this tunic in spite of it being outside my wheelhouse. Now to find some navy leggings.

Giordani pink and lavender scarf, Goodwill Topsham, $2
The pinks in this scarf are sort of Barbie shades, but I think it will be a useful piece.

Teal and silver paisley scarf, Goodwill Falmouth, $3
There were a few of these at the store. One was in a similar color with golden embroidery, while another was red/fuschia and hot pink. I think they were previously used as table runners, because there was candle wax dripped on a couple of them.

H&M mint cardigan, Goodwill Falmouth, $5
If mint is not over as a trend, it probably will be by the time it's cool enough to wear this cardigan. I suspect that was why someone donated it. The color will look great will all the pinks, reds and deep blues in my closet, so I won't mind if I'm the only one wearing mint this fall and winter.

DIY X2 cutoff shorts, Goodwill Falmouth, $5
Please excuse the T-shirt; I cut these first thing on a day off, so I was still wearing a sleeping/workout-quality T-shirt. I ended up wearing the cutoffs all day but didn't take pictures for the blog. 

Gap pink printed cropped jacket, Goodwill Portland, $2
This will look really cute with dresses and high-waisted skirts.

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