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The Skinnying

Friday, July 20, 2012 9:58 PM

ThoroughlyME: teal silk kameez with floral print and skinny jeans

I bought these jeans sometime during college, maybe 2006 or 2007. I remember going looking for dark, skinny jeans, and I had to go to the junior's section to find any. Although these have "skinny jeans" printed on the inside of the rear, I think of them more as straight-legs these days. Sometime in the couple of years after I bought these, jeans got much skinnier, and they haven't looked back (not that jeans can look, but you know what I mean).

Although I've thought of taking these to the tailor to make them a little narrower below the knee, I still like wearing them as is, and I'm happy about the way they've held up. They used to be my "fancy" jeans, but now they're my default pair, and despite many wearings and trips through the washing machine (but not the dryer), they haven't faded one bit.

ThoroughlyME: teal silk kameez with floral print ThoroughlyME: teal silk kameez, pink and orange Macy's necklace

Teal silk kameez, thrifted
Pink and orange necklace, Macy's
Skinnies, DKNY Jeans
Cognac sandals, American Eagle (thrifted)

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