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10 Ways: Gap Striped Button-Front

Saturday, July 28, 2012 11:00 AM

OK, I've changed my mind. This is my favorite button-front shirt, not the other one I singled out before. I think it transitions more easily between work and casual wear. In fact, after wearing it to work on Wednesday, I've brought it with me to Lake Tahoe.

The shirt is on the boxy side, but it has just enough shaping that it doesn't obscure my figure. The stripes are more interesting than a solid but enough of a neutral to pair with anything (though so far I've stuck mostly to other neutrals and reds). And I like the fact that the shirt buttons up all the way.

I bought this shirt last spring from a Goodwill store in Ohio. I think it was $5. I've since seen the exact same shirt in thrift stores at least twice, and I think once it was even in the same size. It's my only shirt with a numbered size — is that something Gap does often? I've purchased plenty of thrifted Gap, but I haven't shopped at the actual stores in years.

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This is such a great reference. I tend to wear my button downs 1, maybe 2 different ways. Definitely bookmarking for the future!


Hi, Anna! Definitely try some layering if you haven't already. I find that's one of the best ways to stretch the usefulness of a button-front. Thanks for reading!

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