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What I Took to SwapMaine

Saturday, June 9, 2012 4:21 PM

I am pretty excited for tomorrow afternoon, when I'll participate in my first clothing swap. The inaugural SwapMaine took place just before we moved here last June, and the second was on a weekend in the fall when J and I were out of town. I've actually volunteered to help out for the first two hours tomorrow, so I hope that there's still some good stuff left when it's my turn.

To get free admission, I dropped off a bag full of clothing this afternoon:

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My goal was to find at least 10 items to swap. I'd set some aside over the past few months, and I pulled a few more out of my drawers this morning. Of course, as soon as I got to the Portland Free-for-All (where the swap's taking place), I realized I'd forgotten a skirt and two pairs of shorts under my bed, in a box of summer clothes that I haven't fully unpacked. Maybe I'll take them to a resale shop or on my next trip to Goodwill, which is where all the unclaimed clothing will go after SwapMaine.

I came up with three sweaters, six T-shirts and blouses, two pairs of pants, a skirt, two necklaces and two belts, for 16 pieces total. All of them are either purchases from college — which means four-plus years ago — or ill-advised thrift buys from the past 15 months. I guess that's because I didn't do much shopping in the interim.

The reasons these pieces ended up my bag are diverse. Some have fit issues that I overlooked at first but that became more apparent and more annoying over time. Some are in colors that I don't like as much as I once did (brown and soft pinks). There's a necklace with a broken clasp that should be pretty easy to fix for someone with the tools. And some of these items just bore me, for reasons I can't articulate.

The only article of clothing I'd rather not give up is this skirt:

It's a vintage, cobalt blue, pleated, midi-length sweater skirt — how awesome is that?! Alas, it's some taller gal's skirt. I can wear midis that fall a few inches below my knees, but this one hits me at mid-calf, which makes it one of the most unflattering things I've ever worn. When I came across the skirt at a Goodwill store in Ohio, I snapped it up anyway because I liked the idea of it. I even wore it a couple of times, though fortunately that was before I began taking outfit photos. Now it's time to set it free to find its place in someone else's closet.

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