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10 Ways to Wear a Blue Tie-Back Dress

Saturday, June 16, 2012 9:53 PM

Dresses are always somewhat harder to remix than separates. A lot of it has to be done through accessories. The first three and most recent times I wore this dress, I matched an accessory on my top half (typically a necklace, but in one case a tank) to my shoes.

In between, however, I discovered that despite the high waist and fairly blouson sleeves of the dress, it actually layers fairly well. And when I layer a sweater or blouse over the dress, it becomes useful for colorblocking because it's my only brightly colored "skirt" that's not red.

I bought this dress at Old Navy last spring for about $20, when it supposedly was on clearance, but I doubt that was much reduced from the original price.

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It's so fun to see all the ways you have styled this!


Thanks, Andi! I'm thinking I need to try more colors, though — it's been a lot of black and blues.

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