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Tuesday, May 29, 2012 11:11 PM

Thoroughly ME: black cropped blazer and burgundy pencil skirt

I first awoke at 5:30 a.m., to the sound of thunder. I'm used to thunderstorms, having lived for years in central Florida, the lightning capital of North America. But there and elsewhere in the Southeast, it's more typical to have a brief, intense storm at about 3 p.m. nearly every summer afternoon. Today it poured and poured and poured, from the time I woke up for real until I left work in the evening, coming down so hard at times it even made my drive home a little scary. And it ruined my good hair day, too.

Thoroughly ME: Banana Republic T-shirt Thoroughly ME: metallic woven belt

Black T-shirt, Banana Republic
Burgundy pencil skirt, thrifted vintage
Metallic woven belt, thrifted
Metallic flats, Bare Traps

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