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Friday, May 4, 2012 11:15 PM

This blog is not reflective of how much I've worn this shirt since buying it two months ago. Its work-appropriateness is a stretch even in casual Friday situations, but I turn to it all the time on weekends and evenings.

The shirt, along with jeans and Chucks, was the perfect choice for a concert J and I attended on Tuesday night. We saw a local band called Gin Lab at an Old Port venue's cover night. They started with an original set, which we liked, and J bought their EP. But the real attraction was the second act, in which the band played the entirety of Arcade Fire's "Funeral," probably my favorite album.

It was an amazing show. Of course I would have loved to see Arcade Fire, especially in such an intimate venue (J and I did see them from near the back row of the Atlanta Civic Center five years ago). But this was just as special, or nearly so, albeit in a different way. One aspect of going to a concert is wanting to be in the presence of celebrity and genius. But there we were, a club full of people listening to a band most of us had never heard of, brought together solely by our love for "Funeral." And that includes the members of Gin Lab.

The combination of grief and joy in "Funeral" has helped so many people get through so much. And from the musicians playing on stage to the people dancing in the audience, it was palpable how much that album had meant to all of us there. It helped that Gin Lab — and the extra musicians who joined them, because Arcade Fire is a big band — played the hell out of those songs. I never realized the kind of pipes it takes to sing some of them until watching someone do it up close.

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Flannel shirt, Timing (thrifted)
Polka dot dress, Gap (thrifted)
Diamond tights, Old Navy
Black flats, Ecco

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