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A Day With J

Friday, May 18, 2012 10:57 PM

L to R, top row: a delicious lunch of falafel, kabob, foulé and other Iraqi foods; my ticket at the BMV. Middle row: shopping for hiking boots; raspberry coriander streusel ice cream at Mt. Desert Island. Bottom: J checking out the cart of used books outside Longfellow Books; and about to hit a single at his company softball game.

J and I have now been working on different schedules for about six months. His days off are Thursdays and Fridays; mine are the typical weekends, except when it's my turn to be on weekend duty every five or six weeks. This weekend is one of those, so I arranged to take my compensating day off today, in order to spend some time with J. We have shared the occasional day off in the past six months — the last one was Marathon Monday — but they've all been spent visiting friends or family. Today it was just us, at home, and it was heavenly. When J and I are together, even updating the addresses on our vehicle registrations and licenses (only six months after moving!) is enjoyable.

And yes, I finally sprung for a denim shirt. I'd searched for months at thrift stores and on eBay without any luck, so I sucked it up and paid full price for a garment for the first time since September. That $41.48 was a little painful, but I expect to get lots of use out of this shirt.

Chambray shirt, American Eagle
Mustard belt, Forever 21
Red miniskirt, Gap (thrifted)
Black sandals, Kelly & Katie
Teal handbag, Macy's

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