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Same Difference

Sunday, April 15, 2012 5:17 PM

I spent a little bit of my Saturday afternoon shopping. I had to pick up my laptop, with a new logic board and repaired disc drive, from the Apple store at the Maine Mall. While I was there, I ducked into a few stores, but the only place I found anything interesting was this necklace, which I picked up for about 70 percent off.

I also found some really cute flats in similar shades of pink and orange, but there was a massive shoe sale going on, and they were sold out of all sizes between 5.5 and 9. Fortunately, I found some beautiful pumps in the exact same colors at my next stop, DSW. They were on clearance, so with a $10 off coupon, I got them for less than $25.

And then when I came home, I parked near the consignment store Find, where I picked up this skirt. I knew I wanted to wear my new purchases immediately, other than the pumps, which had I higher heel than I usually like for weekends. J and I are in Boston, visiting family and friends. I wore the necklace and skirt (and my favorite black flats) for dinner with J's family last night, then switched out the sweater and ditched the tights for today. I love that the majority of both outfits is actually the same, but they feel almost completely different.

Pink and orange necklace, Macy's
Black v-neck sweater, Target
Pink cardigan, Banana Republic (thrifted)
Houndstooth skirt, no tag (consignment)
Black tights, We Love Colors
Black flats, Ecco

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