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Rainy Day Rule-Breaking

Monday, April 23, 2012 11:26 PM

You guys. We just had the most ridiculous rainstorm. It lasted at least 30 hours, and it rained hard — harder than I thought it could do here in Maine. And I'm used to those Florida summer thunderstorms, the ones that come at 3 p.m. every day and sometimes feel like they'll flay your skin off. But those never last more than an hour, and usually more like 10-20 minutes.

So anyway, I knew I wanted to wear pants today. And to keep the hems out of puddles, I violated the principle of Perfect Pant Length by pairing these pants — which should be worn only with flats — with a pair of kitten-heeled loafers. I also pulled my hair back, since it would have frizzed up anyway, and compensated for the somewhat masculine feel of the ensemble with some extra makeup (eyeshadow!).

pic name pic name

Blue shirt, New York & Co. (thrifted)
Red necklace, thrifted
Brown pants, Target
Teal belt, Target
Red loafers, Rampage (eBay)

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