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Marathon Monday

Monday, April 16, 2012 10:16 PM

Although we loved seeing J's family and some of our mutual friends on Saturday and Sunday, the main event — our real reason for going to Boston this weekend — was today, on a block of Commonwealth Avenue in Brighton. Our friends Doug and Val live in an apartment just before Mile 22 of the Boston Marathon route, and they have a little shindig each year to watch the runners and wheelchair racers go by.


First came the wheelchair racers. I have never seen such amazing arms. 

This truck, with the clock reading 2:06:49, preceded the leading women. In the background, on the balcony and along the Green Line tracks, you can see just a small portion of the hordes of Boston College students who were drunk by 10 a.m.

The woman who won, Sharon Cherop, is in the middle here. She beat the woman on the right by two seconds, and the woman on the left finished third. 

Several groups of reservists trudged past with their packs. I suppose these folks were representing the Syracuse University ROTC. Toward the beginning of the race, most of the runners kept close to our curb to take advantage of the shade, so we got a good look at them.

The Syracuse folks blocked our view of the first man to pass. This guy was the second one we saw, but he finished 10th.

Much later in the day, when runners streamed by in thick packs, these neighbor ladies handed out water and salt.

J, meanwhile, cheered them on. You can see how they're moving somewhat slower by now. I liked that some runners and walkers had their names on their shirts or arms, so we could single them out for special encouragement.

And here we are with Val and Doug, some of our favorite people in the world. Doug and J were best friends in elementary and middle school, but then they went to different high schools and didn't have much contact during college. We reconnected with the two of them — high school sweethearts — shortly before their wedding, which was a couple of months before our own. Amazingly kind-hearted people, they make such a positive impact on their community through their work, and they are perfect hosts, to boot. I've known them for less than two years, but I am so glad to have them in our life.

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