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Deep Frying

Sunday, April 22, 2012 11:08 PM

The other basic cooking technique that I wanted to learn — poaching — is extremely healthy. You can't say that about this one. I wasn't sure what I would deep fry until our winter CSA gave us three pounds of Russet potatoes. They aren't any good for most of the ways I like to eat potatoes, so homemade potato chips seemed like the perfect solution.

I love my food processor. I never would have had the patience to cut all these slices, nor could I have cut them so evenly.

I used mostly canola oil, with maybe a cup of duck fat saved from the bird my father cooked at Christmas. This is similar to the mixture Duckfat uses for their delicious fries, so I figured it would be good enough for our chips.

I followed Mark Bittman's directions from "How to Cook Everything." The oil was supposed to be at 350 degrees, but my thermometer tops out at 302, so I had to test it with the littlest slivers of potato.

Here's an early batch. They were still a bit soft in the middle, so I kept cranking up the heat until the oil just started to smoke. That's when they started to come out right, nice and crispy with a little bit of curl:

I know these look really greasy and gross, but they drained quite a bit on those paper towels. J and I topped them with crumbled Maytag blue cheese and stuck them back in the oven. It was tasty, but not quite as good as the incredible blue cheese potato chips at the Buckhead Diner. Whenever we get a chance to go back to Atlanta, we'll have to stop in for the real thing.

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