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Thrift Finds for March

Saturday, March 31, 2012 1:00 PM

I made plenty of thrifting trips this month, mostly looking for atlases, dictionaries of theater and barware, but I also hit a goldmine of patterns on one of those trips. I have my champagne flutes, but I'm still looking for the rocks glasses.

Banana Republic spotted silk shirt, Goodwill Maine Mall, $5
This shirt reminds me of boiled eggs. And the 1970s.

Timing plaid flannel shirt, Goodwill Maine Mall, $5
I've worn this shirt three times already. It's so comfortable. I clearly need more flannel.

Target houndstooth dress, Goodwill Maine Mall, $5
I cannot resist anything houndstooth. I plan to do lots of layering both over and underneath this dress, but before I can layer anything underneath I need to adjust the fit in the bodice.

Black and white scarf, Goodwill Maine Mall, $2
This scarf has more houndstooth. It also has some other patterns that aren't my favorites, but I love a black-and-white pattern mix.

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