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Power Reading

Monday, March 5, 2012 10:16 PM

This weekend felt unusually short. Perhaps that's because Saturday disappeared rather quickly as I spent most of the day reading the entirety of "The Hunger Games." My copy of the book is about 375 pages, but with the large type, simple prose and an engrossing story, I finished it in seven or eight hours. J was at work, so I was able to just sit on the couch and read the book cover to cover.

The last book I did that with was "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," the day it came out in summer 2007. Amazon delivered it in late morning on a Saturday, and I think I finished reading it at about 4 a.m. Up until I was maybe 15, I was a serious reader, and fantasy/science fiction/dystopian novels were my favorite. I read everything I could get my hands on from Jane Yolen, Tamora Pierce, Anne McCaffrey and Douglas Adams. I had my parents take me to the library every three weeks, which was the length of time you were allowed to keep books, and I would check out multiple books at a time. I guess that means I was reading a book a week.

Then high school got more serious, and I got a boyfriend. And then college — if I wasn't reading for class, I was writing or editing copy for the paper. When I reached my last semester having fulfilled nearly all my credits, I signed up for a class on the 20th century English (as in from England) novel, taught by the president emeritus, because I hadn't had a single class in college in which the required reading was fiction. And now, of course, there's work and commuting and the business of being an adult. Excuses.

I may not have time for the kind of marathon reading I did when I was younger, and again on Saturday, but I also know I'm not reading nearly as much as I should. I credit a lot of my school and professional success to my formerly voracious appetite for reading, and I still love it.

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