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The Maine Farmer Look

Friday, March 9, 2012 11:59 PM

That's how J described this outfit this morning. I've been searching for a plaid flannel shirt for awhile. I really like outfits that pair them with items that are definitely not suited for farm work, like a black pencil skirt. To play up the contrast, I needed a flannel shirt that wouldn't look out of place on a lumberjack or other outdoorsman. But for months, all the shirts I came across were in garish shades of pink or lime green, or they had ruffles down the front or some such nonsense.

After months of searching, the other night I found this no-frills, buffalo plaid shirt, in one of my favorite color schemes, on the rack at the Goodwill by Maine Mall after work. It's a medium, in a brand I've never heard of, but I took it to the dressing room anyway. The fit is actually rather odd. The shoulders are just right on me, the sleeves are a bit too short and the torso is extremely baggy, way more roomy than even the relaxed fit that you'd want from a plaid flannel shirt. So I can't wear it hanging loose, but it looks good knotted, tucked or belted, and I figured that was enough variety to warrant bringing it home.

I'm trying to learn to take better photos with my iPhone, but these are the worst yet. Sorry.

pic name pic name

Flannel shirt, Timing (thrifted)
Black tank top, Target
Pencil skirt, The Limited (thrifted)
Houndstooth tights, Target
Black boots, Aerosoles

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