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Thursday, March 8, 2012 10:58 PM

I love the look of a sweater layered over a button-front shirt. One of the things that has kept me from pairing them more often this winter is a lack of color in my collection of button-fronts. Most of the shirts are white, blue or some combination of the two, which limits the possibilities for interesting color combinations. Here's a variation, where the collar peeking out of of the v-neck is actually part of a dress.

So my main thrifting goal these days is to build a veritable rainbow of button-front shirts in a range of colors and patterns. I scan the racks for anything with a collar on it and ignore everything else. Last night I lucked out and found two patterned shirts, one of which I plan to wear tomorrow.

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Brown sweater, Tommy Hilfiger
Pink shirtdress, Express (thrifted)
Teal belt, Target
Rubine tights, We Love Colors
Brown flats, Bare Traps

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