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Green With Envy

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 10:13 PM

Yeah, I'm a little jealous of people who can pull off green. Most colors are at least decent on me (orange being the exception, so I won't be taking part in the trend Pantone has named), but green just can't compare to pinks or reds or blues, as far as I'm concerned. This sweater and a T-shirt in virtually the same shade are the only green clothing I own.

This sweater seemed to pair best with brown. To offset the tweed of the skirt and the autumnal color scheme, I threw on some spring color with the faux turquoise necklace, yellow tank top and peachy-pink shoes.
Green sweater, Target (thrifted)
Yellow tank, J Crew
Faux turquoise necklace, thrifted
Brown tweed skirt, Urban Outfitters
Peach pumps, Nine West (thrifted)

Green: Everybody, Everywear



Love that green sweater and skirt. Your shoes is also a treasure! Lovely!

Cathy@custom digitizing

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