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Stripes and Dashed Hopes

Monday, February 6, 2012 11:02 AM

I wore this on Saturday, when Portland and New England were still in a state of nervous, hopeful excitement. I drove around town to run some errands, and it seemed that every other store had a sign cheering, "Go Pats!" I haven't been out yet today (night shift), but I imagine there will be an air of dejectedness coming off just about everyone, kind of like in late September when the Red Sox were collapsing so ignominiously.

I grew up a sports fan, watching the Florida State Seminoles every Saturday until we left Tallahassee when I was in middle school. And my dad went to Duke, so we worshiped Mike Krzyzewski in my house, and I still follow them through the tournament every spring. I remember crying when the Blue Devils lost the 1999 championship game to UConn. I felt sorry for Trajan Langdon.

These days, with J's influence, I mostly root for the Boston sports teams, but not in the same way I cheered for my teams when I was younger. I'm glad to be somewhat detached; last summer, I celebrated when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup but wasn't bothered when the Celtics were eliminated from the NBA Playoffs. J feels it all intensely, and I sympathize with him when he's feeling low, but I'm glad that I'm quick to get over defeats that don't really have any impact on my life.

Last night, though, I was jumping around our apartment and wringing my hands and flopping on the couch when things took a turn for the worse. I still feel kind of awful this morning. Maybe it's because NFL football is my favorite sport; maybe it's because Tom Brady is 34 and I worry about his legacy if he turns out to have lost his last two Super Bowls. I know it's all silly, and it still has no actual effect for me, but this time I can't help it.

Red striped T, LOFT (thrifted)
Striped turtleneck, Target
Cigarette pants, Old Navy
Boots, Aerosoles

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