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Friday, February 17, 2012 11:34 PM

This was perhaps a bit too casual, even for a Friday. I'd previously worn these jeans to work only on weekend shifts (here and here), but right now they fit my bum better than my jeans in more staid colors like blue and black. It was fairly warm, and I couldn't fit a blazer under my lighter coat, so I went with the cardigan instead. And I could have dressed this up with some high heels, but after four days of heels my feet wanted flats. After a comfortable but tiring day, I am more than ready for this long weekend.

Black cardigan, Banana Republic (eBay)
Green scoopneck T, Target
Glass bead necklace, thrifted
Pink jeans, Celebrity Pink Jeans (consignment)
Socks, Target
Black flats, Ecco (eBay)

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