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The Still-New Year

Tuesday, January 3, 2012 9:40 PM

I'm a little late with this, but happy 2012, everyone!

J and I treated ourselves to 555's five-course dinner on Saturday night — a real splurge, even with the help of a gift certificate we received for Chanukah, but so delicious. Then, like nerds, we went to the Southworth Planetarium, where they played a few shows and then streamed footage from Times Square onto the screen for the ball drop. Then we came home and went straight to bed.

Monday was J's first day off in two weeks, so we went to see "Hugo" and then hit up the Gorham Goodwill, which was a bust (the store; we enjoyed the movie). It was nice to finally get to spend some more time with J than the couple of hours we get in the evenings after work!

Today I went simple simple simple when getting dressed. This T-shirt was my first-ever purchase from Banana Republic, at an after-Christmas sale maybe five years ago. The pants are on the brown side of taupe, but the gray undertone and the subtle pinstripes mean they play well with black, too.

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Black T-shirt, Banana Republic
Taupe pinstriped pants, LOFT
Ankle boots, Macy's

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