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Flashy Legs

Friday, January 13, 2012 9:44 PM

Several weeks ago, Banana Republic mailed me a sale promo that featured a man and a woman standing on a snowy stoop. I can't find it now, but I hung onto it for a while because I really liked the woman's outfit. She was wearing a this cableknit sweater in gray, a black brocade or jacquard skirt that doesn't appear to be available online anymore and a blingy necklace. (Update, 1/16/12: here it is! Found via Delightful Dozen)

When I found the promo in my mailbox, I had just found this skirt at the Goodwill near the Maine Mall. Then a few weeks later, I bought this sweater at the Goodwill on Forest Ave. I am still looking, however, for a short, flashy necklace — maybe a collar or something with chunky crystals. And not just to recreate the Banana Republic outfit; it's a gap in my jewelry connection.

In any case, I recreated the outfit on the cheap, going with attention-grabbing legs instead of a necklace. These tights are a bit brighter and bluer than I wanted, but I really liked the quality and couldn't find any purple tights I liked better. It's too bad that the dreary day and drab lighting prevented the color from really coming through in the pictures. You'll have to use your imaginations here.

pic name pic name

Cableknit sweater, Macy's brand (thrifted)
Brocade skirt, Old Navy (thrifted)
Purple tights, We Love Colors
Black flats, Ecco (eBay)

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