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Donate and Donate Again

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 9:51 PM

I already had a pair of brown flats, but that didn't stop me from picking these up at the Goodwill in Falmouth last week. The older ones have a goldtone ring on the toe (a metal color I don't otherwise wear) and aren't as rich and warm in tone. I think these are also a bit classier looking.

After I sprayed the suede with a protectant, I went to peel the price tags off the soles, and I found there was another set of tags underneath. I suspect they may have been donated, thrifted and then redonated. If that's the case, my feet are telling me why; my toes were chafed and cramped all day. Before purchasing, I wore them while trying on clothes in the dressing room, but I should have tried walking around the store in them. I'll give them a couple of more tries to see if I can break them in, but if not, at least it's only a $4 loss.

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Turquoise sweater, Gap (thrifted)
Coral-colored necklace, thrifted
Brown tweed skirt, Urban Outfitters
Maroon tights, We Love Colors
Brown flats, Nine West (thrifted)

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