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Call Me Mildred

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 11:16 PM

As I assembled this outfit in my head, the term that kept coming to mind was "Edwardian." I can't claim to be knowledgeable about fashion's history, and maybe no one else would see it. But the covered-up silhouette (excepting those scandalous shins), the rich fabrics (wool and taffeta), the high waist and the short boots — all of them called to mind that period for me.

I knew an updo was required, but I don't have enough hair for a classic Gibson Girl 'do — and even if I had it, I am truly clueless when it comes to styling my hair. So I turned to Kasmira's messy bun tutorial. And "messy" is definitely the right word, at least for my first attempt at it. So no detail shots of the results.

Mildred, by the way, was the sixth-most popular name for American girls born in the 1910s. The more you know ...

pic name pic name

Sweater, Jones New York Sport (gift)
Necklace, thrifted
Skirt, thrifted vintage
Belt, thrifted
Tights, Hanes
Boots, Macy's

P.S. - The graininess of the photos in the last two posts is from my post-processing of very dim pictures. It's been raining nonstop, and I didn't like the results when I tried taking photos with the living room lights on.
P.P.S. - Please excuse the microwave as well. We hauled it out of our basement storage locker to photograph and try to sell it.

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